Posted on Jan 5, 2020

Hero Cleaning & Emergency Services

Why’s does carpet wrinkles appear?
How much does it cost to stretch carpet?
What is power stretching do for carpet wrinkles.
These are questions I do everyday.
The best thing I can say is I can fix that.
30 years I have bee working with carpet and there are as many reasons as there are colors of carpet.
It could be a bad installation or weather related.
There could have been a carpet cleaner leaving carpet to wet or maybe some extremely heavy furniture was slid around.
The pad could be to long and covering some of the tack strip. The carpet may not have been trimmed properly.
What ever the reason I know I can help.
I can move furniture or work on it before or after you move.
I can guarantee my work and if it comes back after I stretch it I will fix it for free for up to 2 years no questions asked.
We can also clean the carpet after it is stretched because if you didn’t know loose carpet wears quicker and shows wear sooner. So do your floor a favor call now book online and save your carpet get rid of an unsightly headache and save some $$ too.
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